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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a narrowing of internal and focal attention which relaxation  can be part of. Suggestions are made which allows your subconscious to become receptive to consciously desired changes such as losing weight, reducing anxieties, or quitting smoking.

We often have to fight ourselves to make a change. 

Hypnotherapists aim to make positive change easier by reducing internal conflicts.

Smokers will know internal conflicts well. As I did many years ago.

One minute I wanted to quit smoking but yet the next, I was smoking a cigarette. My unconscious was driving the habit even though consciously I wanted to stop.

Hypnosis aims to reduce or remove internal conflicts that block you from living a better, more comfortable and enjoyable life.

There are many myths about hypnotherapy. It is important to dispel these before any hypnosis takes place.

  • You cannot be controlled nor made to do anything against your will.
  • You have to be receptive to the suggested changes otherwise you’re unlikely to respond.
  • Motivation is important
  • Nearly every client says the process is deeply relaxing and stress reducing in it of itself.

Appointments can be booked online via the green button below.

I studied hypnotherapy at the Government accredited Academy of Hypnotic Science. I am a Professional Member of The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association, and I am often heard on the radio on stations Kiis FM, 3RRR and Fox FM.


What happens if I can’t be hypnotised?

According to studies, 90% of people can be hypnotised (1). When someone ‘can’t’ be, it’s generally due to unnecessary fear. The most important thing to note is that in a therapeutic context, clients are always in control.

How many sessions do I need?

I see most clients for an average of three sessions. I have clients that see me more often.

Payment is due at the end of each consultation unless a package is purchased at the end of the first consultation.

Missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged unless they can be rescheduled within the fortnight.

Should everyone be hypnotised?

No. Not everyone should be hypnotised. If you suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis, you will probably need a referral from your GP.

If there’s ever any doubt about hypnosis, you must see your GP or qualified health professional before hand.

Results vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and not intended to guarantee, promise represent or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Sylvia Scharper 
Current World Champion 2018


“I have worked with Michael Pattinson from Acumen Hypnotherapy for nearly 2 years. I came to him as a professional athlete looking to take my fighting career to the next level. The mental aspect of the fight game, or any sport, is critical to performance. Michael has helped me on multiple levels. On a personal level by exploring some deeper issues that impact the way I function and cope day to day, and most significantly my sense of self-worth. In doing so, Michael has helped me build my confidence and self-belief, and reframe the way I think. In the lead up to competition he has helped reduce anxiety and stress which has been critical in keeping me focused, which in turn has helped with my concentration and performance. In terms of preparation for the fight itself, Michael has shown me the power of mental visualisation. We spend time rehearsing the fight through hypnosis bringing into awareness all the important elements whilst recreating the experience. This type of work has been critical to my mental preparation and its benefits have been evident in my performances. When I came to Michael, my goal was to become the Australian Boxing Champion and I have achieved that!”

How to Book an Appointment Online

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Emma Robinson
Emma Robinson
00:16 21 Nov 17
Something deep within was calling me to explore hypnotherapy, even through my mind was saying BEWARE! Michael chatted with me prior to the appointment which helped me to feel safe. The session was held with safety and stability. I found was that it was actually easy to go to those places I had long been avoiding. Following the consultation I felt clear, open and aware. The anxiety I had been carrying around like a heavy sack of potatoes in my stomach lifted and I felt free. Michael’s guidance has helped me to see the infinite possibility of me. Much love and thanks Michael.
Clare Faux
Clare Faux
01:16 25 Nov 17
Michael figured out immediately what I needed help with and knew the best way to tackle it. I felt an immediate change in my demeanour and an enormous growth in confidence. His understanding, non-judgemental nature and gentle compassion made me feel safe and secure and easily able to accept the changes I needed to make and continue to work on.Thank you Michael! I'll definitely be back
Nick B
Nick B
03:49 06 Dec 17
I was very skeptical but decided to give hypnotherapy a try to stop picking my nails. I was awkward going in and the process itself was a little strange. I left the session not feeling overly confident. However, that night I realised that even when I wanted to pick my nails to prove that it didn't work I couldn't. I went back a week later for a top up just to make sure that it stuck. It's now been over two months and my nails are still growing strong. Thank you Michael.
David Romeo
David Romeo
01:21 24 Nov 17
I reluctantly contacted michael for a long term issue with grinding my teeth in my sleep and to be honest was sceptical right through the session. However, the next morning the results just spoke for themselves; for the first time in years my jaw was in a relaxed state, quite amazing. I've been back for 2 more interesting sessions and can say they've had very positive impacts. Michael has a unique ability!
Caron Margarete
Caron Margarete
02:02 03 Nov 17
Michael beings the depth of knowledge, experience and warmth in character to work with your needs. He has supported me to increase motivation among other things. Blessed.
J dg29
J dg29
11:47 23 Feb 18
Great hypnotherapist, Highly recommend! Just trust and go with the process and you'll notice feeling a difference after and the few days to come. Great safe and professional experience!
Madi peake
Madi peake
03:51 19 Jan 18
Michael is a very lovely man and was quick to make me feel comfortable. He helped me to find new ways to deal with anxieties and conflicts without overwhelming me. Overall a very good experience.
Greg Kennedy
Greg Kennedy
11:28 15 Jan 18
Michael helped me work through some significant mental challenges that I have been having through careful hypnotherapy. Since seeing Michael I have been experiencing a better quality of life and I am very greatful for Michael’s help and guidance.
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