Cleithrophobia Hypnotherapy

What is Cleithrophobia?

Cleithrophobia, also known as cleisiophobia or clithrophobia, is the fear of getting locked or trapped inside an enclosed space. The word is derived from the Greek word cleithro, meaning to close or shut; and the English word phobia or fear. At times, cleithrophobia is confused with claustrophobia, however, the former is triggered in the moment of being in a small, enclosed space. The two phobias have subtle, often unnoticeable differences, but these distinctions are very important.

Cleithrophobia Symptoms:

There are two kinds of cleithrophobia symptoms. One is psychological and the other is physical.

Psychological Symptoms:

  • Feelings of losing control,
  • feelings of dread and thoughts of dying

Physical Symptoms:

  • Panic attacks including crying and screaming,
  • attempts to run away from the scene,
  • a feeling of nausea with headaches and dizziness,
  • a rise in heartrate and sweats


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