Reducing Alcohol Consumption / Quitting Alcohol Through Hypnosis Pattinson Program

My reduce alcohol hypnosis program is designed for people that wish to regain control over alcohol. It is designed for clients that have fallen into a learned pattern of drinking alcohol to excess to relieve stress and tension.

So What Exactly Are the Benefits of Being In Control Over Alcohol?

  • You wake up fresh with far more energy and bounce.
  • Weight loss occurs naturally as you consume far less calories.
  • Free of the standard guilt and the continual pattern of remorse that occurs the day after a typical night of drinking.
  • You have more money naturally.  Alcohol is an expensive habit and you are far less likely to make dumb purchasing decisions in a sober state.
  • Sleep improves as your body doesn’t go into a stressed state after drinking. And you are more hydrated!

First Session

In this first session we establish your goals with respect to the amount of alcohol you wish to continue to drink.  Some of the questions we’ll consider include:

  • Whether it is something you simply only wish to do on weekends, or
  • whether you wish to cap it on weekdays to a one or two standard drinks.
  • Whether you been forced to make this change by someone else or are you truly motivated by your own desire to moderate.
  • What you have to look forward to by making this change.

A brief discussion on hypnosis will be given and any questions about the process will be answered. In the second half of the session hypnosis will be conducted, hoping to streamline and help bring about the wanted habit change as discussed in the earlier part of the session.

Second & Third Sessions

The second session should be a week from the first. In this session a discussion regarding the week’s outcome will occur. The second round of hypnosis will reinforce the changes made to date and help bring about any further desired changes.  The third session should be one to two weeks from the second further re-enforcing and supporting the change.