Success Stories

*The testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success.  Some names have been changed for privacy.

I was surprised at how immediate the results were. For some reason I was drinking more than a litre of the typical bunch of ‘fizzy’ drinks per day and obviously this was deeply concerning for me at the time as I was noticing my lack of energy, my severe mood swings, and my inability to concentrate. It was such a weird addiction but served to really scare the hell out of me and that’s when I made the decision to pick up the phone and call Michael. He was easy going and a quality listener who obviously cared for me and clearly for the job he did and does. I saw results straight after the first session and saw him for a total of three times to much success- I have not looked back. I haven’t touched any coke, or pepsi max since seeing him. Thank you Michael for giving me back my health.*

Paul T, Collingwood

I struggled and struggled with the idea of quitting smoking for so many years, and secretly, I just didn’t think I’d ever be able to do it. I was a sneaky smoker and really only my inner circle knew I did it. Co-workers and colleagues couldn’t believe I ever smoked, to which I now answer – Oh yes, I was born with a fag in my mouth! To think that I am now celebrating my 2 year totally smoke free (no cheating) anniversary, surprises me the most, but it’s true. Thank you Michael for working your magic and helping me my ultimate challenge. Now I can confidently say I’m a non-smoker and I’ll never go back.*

I’ve had a number of ‘Hypnotherapy sessions with Michael during the past year.  Every one of them has been insightful, extraordinary and deeply relaxing.  Michael has a technique unlike anyone I’ve ever been to before.  He takes the time to get to know you on a professional and therapeutic level, then uses this information to release conscious and unconscious areas of unrest, whether it be related to emotional, social, cognitive or physical aspects of the  mind. I would recommend Michael to anyone and everyone.*

Emelia W, Fitzroy

I have known Michael for approximately 2 years and have spent many hours witnessing his intelligence and innovation. His attitude towards his clientele is exceptionally skillful and he most naturally beholds the compassionate dedication.Much respect and admiration are only but a few shiny words that come to mind when I am his client.*

Tenzin H, Footscray

I really enjoyed Michael’s  Hypnotherapy experience . I found the treatment to be; relaxing, meditative and relative to my needs and personal goals.  Michael’s professional approach to treatment made for a comfortable environment in which i felt totally relaxed.  As a result for one; i noticed a greater clarity of mind and ability to achieve more in day to day goals.  Thank you Michael for a fantastic experience!*

Rebecca M, Werribee

Working with Michael has been extremely rewarding for me. I still have a long way to go but Michael has really helped me to see where my blockages are and what I need to do to release them. I’ve always loved to sing but in recent years have felt a huge fear of embarrassment and of not being able to openly express my self. After my second session with Michael I was inspired to attend a spiritual vocal workshop and still to my surprise I sang a song in front of 20 or so people! Michael is able to communicate with parts of my being which I have long forgotten. Thank you dear Michael for assisting me in my life’s journey.*

Emily B, Southbank

I feel really great and I know I will be able to become fit and healthy and have no trouble maintaining it.*

Bernardette, Melbourne CBD

I have been assisted by Michael in number of ways. I came in wanting help with my weight and health and have left feeling I can take over the world.*

Penny, Newport

I feel that for the first time I’m going to achieve my goal of being totally healthy and of my goal weight. I feel good and I’m a very happy woman, thank you very much Michael.*

Brehane, West Footscray

This has been and interesting and learning exper& healthier future.*ience that I plan to take with me into the future a leaner

Anne Marie, Port Melbourne

I have found hypnosis to be good for me, it has allowed me to be become more self –aware of certain aspects of my life and has allowed me to make positive changes. It is a slow process for me, but I can definitely see good things coming out of doing this.*

Nick, Southbank

It is amazing how quickly I started to achieve goals, walking has become easy, eating less has become easy .I look forward to the future and what it will bring. I have had five sessions of Hypnosis with Michael, and I have found it very relaxing, also it has help me a lot with the cravings for cigarettes, I tend to not have them,and also feel very relaxed after each session.  Thanks*

Christine, West Footscray

I have had 5 sessions with Michael; I cannot believe the change in such a short time. It has exceeded all my expectations. I feel I’m now in control of my life the first time in 50 odd years. I’m now strong enough to take control of my eating and my health. A huge heartfelt Thank You Michael.*

Faye, South Australia

Michael uses hypnosis as wonderful technique to help bring positive changes to people. I have found it to be extremely helpful in my goal to stop smoking and I have greatly enjoy each session with Michael, and each session has a hugely positive effect on me.*

Richenda, West Footscray

Since I have seen Michael I have been feeling positive about myself my weight and have more will power to loose weight. I feel relax and feel that Hypnosis has been a positive and good thing for me.*

Carol, Newport

I have had 5 sessions with Michael and I feel good about myself and very confident that I will succeed. It has helped me a lot. Thank You Michael.*

Michelle, Seddon

I have seen Michael for the five visits and found by the third session my eating habits were already changing, I have found that meals I was eating before are now way too big.I’m certain that this is just the start of what i’m going to be able to achieve.*

I came to see Michael because I had a need to make changes in my life, I am at the stage in my life where I realise that my health is paramount. Michael has been wonderful! He has enabled me to look into myself and discover that I have the strength to achieve the goals that I have set for myself. He is a consummate professional who does not make judgments, but empathises with his clients and helps to change peoples’ lives for the better. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone searching for ways to improve themselves.*

Mike, Williamstown