Fear of Snakes Hypnotherapy (Ophidiophobia)

Fear of Snakes

What is Ophidiophobia?

Ophidiophobia, or sometimes referred to as ophiophobia, is the abnormal or extreme fear of snakes. It is a subcategory of the more general type of phobia called herpetophobia or fear of reptiles. This phobia is one of the most commonly present and affects about one-third of the adult population.

People with a fear of snakes have varied levels of fear. Some are only afraid of smaller species of snakes, whilst others are afraid of larger snakes. While others are only afraid of the actual reptile, some may experience extreme fears when near pet stores, bushland, or other locations where snakes may possibly be present.

Symptoms of Ophidiophobia (Fear of Snakes):

Ophidiophobia symptoms may include:

  • Feelings of anxiety when near locations where snakes might be present
  • A fear of seeing snakes on photos or television and film
  • Being extremely afraid even just by hearing the word “snake”
  • Feeling anxious when looking at snake-like forms, such as ropes or garden hoses
  • Excessive shaking, crying, screaming, and an increased heart rate in the presence of a snake.

Treatment (Outside of Hypnosis)

Doctors will typically prescribe anti-anxiety medications like beta blockers and antidepressants to treat phobias like ophidiophobia. Although these medications may help, the results vary from one individual to another. Moreover, taking these kinds of drugs is usually hazardous because they have different effects on the mind and body. It is also possible that the patient may experience withdrawal symptoms once this form of medication is stopped. Apart from anti-anxiety drugs, people with a fear of snakes may benefit from individual counseling that will aid them in overcoming irrational fears.

Hypnosis as a Form of Treatment for Ophidiophobia


Although there are no direct studies linking ophidiophobia to hypnotherapy, several articles claim that ophidiophobia, as a form of anxiety disorder, can be treated using hypnosis. One of the most common treatments for ophidiophobia is in fact by hypnotherapy. It is said that by reprogramming the patient’s subconscious, the panic patterns that trigger the symptoms can be reduced or removed entirely, which makes the technique highly effective in some cases.

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