Public speaking anxiety (Glossophobia) is the most common phobia – statistics suggest that nearly 3 in 4 people suffer from it.

Some research indicates  that people who suffer from this phobia have had a negative experience as a child speaking in a group setting. It is from this sensitising event that the anxiety was learnt in order to avoid similar future scenarios.

Others don’t know why they have it.

Most of my clients that see me are business people that need to reduce or remove the anxiety so that moving forward they can present to their colleagues in a confident manner.

They may be looking for a promotion or just received one.

My Melbourne Public Speaking Anxiety Program is three sessions.

  • In the first session we will discuss your past relevant history, allowing me to understand aspects of your condition, the environment in which it arises and the frequency. An explanation of hypnosis will be given as well as a hypnotic intervention.
  • In the second and third sessions we will focus on specific feelings and sensations as well as reinforcing the positive changes that were made in the first. 

Self hypnosis training will be given allowing you to further reinforce feelings of relaxation and calmness in the future, further enhancing confidence and performance levels during your speaking opportunities.

Public Speaking Anxiety