Quit Smoking Tips

Quitting can be difficult without stop smoking aids such as hypnosis. When you find yourself having cravings, it means your body is getting used to not having all the negative chemicals from cigarettes, and this should be seen as a positive thing. Monitor your mind for certain thought patterns. Your brain will attempt to make up excuses to try and get you to smoke. Some of the following thoughts might be a clue that you are at risk of starting up the habit again:

* “One more won’t make a difference” or “I’ll just keep smoking for another few weeks, then I’ll quit”.

The truth: One more cigarette can make a big difference, and could get you back into the habit of smoking once again. And since nicotine is so addictive, it’s highly unlikely that you weren’t just smoking for a couple of weeks before you quit. It’s important that once you stop, you stop for good.

* “I won’t buy my own cigarettes, but I’ll just have a couple of puffs from my friends. That’s not really smoking, is it?”

The truth: Whether you buy the pack of cigarettes, or your friends do, smoking is still smoking. Each puff is harming your body in exactly the same way as when you bought your own smokes. Now you’re just wasting your friends’ money instead of your own. Tell your friends that they are not allowed to give you any of their cigarettes, ever.

* “I normally smoke when I’m drinking. I’ll keep doing that, but I won’t smoke any other time.”

The truth: You will find that cravings to smoke are stronger when you are out drinking or out with your friends. Alcohol decreases your ability to make decisions, including refusing the cigarette offered to you by a friend. And once you’re smoking when you’re drinking, it’s only a matter of time before your start smoking at other times as well.

* “Smoking isn’t that bad, and I really miss it. Is it even worth me quitting?”

The truth: There are many more things that you would miss much more than smoking if your health suddenly went downhill due to your smoking habit.
It can be really hard to quit smoking sometimes, but it is possible to work through it. Do other things that you enjoy instead.

Things to Remember

* Reduce your intake of caffeine during the quitting process. Without nicotine in your body, more caffeine gets retained. Caffeine can make you irritable and may lead to bad sleep.

* You’ve already come a long way. If you take up smoking again, even for a little while, you will have to go through the entire quitting process all over again. It will get easier from here.

* Reward yourself when you have not had a cigarette for a certain period of time. Spend some money on a massage for yourself after not smoking for a week. Even after one difficult day of not smoking, you could reward yourself by watching your favourite TV show.

* When you get a craving, do something you enjoy, or something that takes your mind off the craving. This could be to take several deep breaths, or perhaps drink some water. Don’t worry, the craving will only last for a couple of minutes.

* Write down the things you like about not smoking on a piece of paper or card, and read over it whenever you find yourself having a craving.

* Quitting is your own journey and nobody else’s. Be assertive towards people who try to pressure you into having a cigarette. Practice saying ‘No’ to people who offer you even a puff of a cigarette.