Skype Appointment Bookings

Hypnotherapy Sessions by Skype

Since video communication has become more popular, I have started conducting hypnotherapy sessions with some overseas and interstate clients. To date, these sessions have gone very well.

– No waiting in waiting rooms  
– No leaving the house!
– You can be anywhere in the world!

Popular Treatments

Some of the more popular conditions that people have requested for Skype sessions include:


In order to benefit from a Skype Hypnotherapy session, you need a camera enabled laptop or desktop computer, headphones and the Skype application. You will also need to completely free from possible distractions.

How to Participate and Book

  1. Please email 3 preferred Melbourne times using the form below
  2. Make payment of AU$200 for a single session.
  3. I will then allocate a time based on your preferences and my availability
  4. I will send a questionnaire to be filled out.
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