The Financial Cost of Smoking EXPOSED!

Many people are aware of the health benefits of not smoking. But as well as affecting your health, it also affects your wallet. For a person earning $1000 a week, smoking a pack a day would use up 15% of your weekly income.

First let’s look at the financial benefits of not smoking.

You’ve already got $20 in your wallet if you don’t smoke for just one day. After two days, it’s up to $40. After one week, the money you’ve saved now amounts to just under $140. That could buy you several CDs or DVDs, or some new clothes for the children.

If you stopped smoking for a whole month, you would save well over $600, leaving you with enough money to pay for the petrol bill, or most of the shopping bill for a couple of weeks. And after six months, the money saved from not smoking – over $3,600 – is enough to take the whole family to Queensland for a holiday.

If you were given $7,200 at the end of the year, it would most likely make a big difference to your Christmas present shopping. This is how much money you would have saved after not smoking for one year.

When you quit smoking, you will save money on dentist and other medical bills, as you will have cleaner teeth and you will be less likely to get the cold or flu. Your furniture, curtains and clothes won’t smell of cigarette smoke any more, decreasing your cleaning bills.

By not smoking for up to five years, you could have saved enough money to buy a car. After 10 years, you would save over $70,000, and at the 15 year mark, this figure would grow to $100,000.

Now let’s look at the health benefits of not smoking.

After not smoking for:

One day – The majority of the nicotine in your body is gone. Heart rate and blood pressure levels are nearly back to normal.

Two days – Your breath is fresher. Your breathing has already improved as your lungs have to deal with less carbon monoxide.

One week – Vitamins such as Vitamin C and other antioxidants are more present in your blood.

One month – You find it easier to exercise, as your lung efficiency improves.

Three to six months – Circulation to your hands and feet is increased. Your immune system recovery is well under way and your body heals itself quicker and easier.

One year – Heart attack risk is halved.

Two to five years – You are less likely to have a stroke. Ten years lung cancer risk is dramatically decreased.

Fifteen years – Coronary heart disease risk is similar to someone who has never smoked.

These are not the only benefits; there are many more advantages to being a non-smoker. For example, if you want to have a baby, not smoking will reduce the chance of miscarriage and infertility in women, and impotence in men.