Everyone has heard a story about someone quitting smoking through seeing a hypnotherapist like myself. It’s how I ended up being a hypnotherapist. I quit myself through seeing a hypnotist.

So if you’re looking at this page, you may be considering an appointment to quit. The following is what goes on in a session of hypnosis to quit smoking.

What happens in the first session?


(Based on a pack a day average) This could be you this year. Book online today by clicking the green button below.

In this first session we’ll discuss and look at some of the personal factors that contribute to your smoking habit.

Many people smoke for different reasons and understanding the basis for one’s own habit is generally critical.

This understanding is used to tailor and design a specific hypnotherapy program to suit your motivation and lifestyle. The two main pointers of this discussion will include both your desire and alternatives.

Important Factors to Consider – Your Desire & Alternatives

The most successful reasons that clients give for quitting smoking is that of the benefits of being healthy that arise when you quit.  

Life is much better smelling fresh and clean, breathing calmly, feeling reduced anxiety, not suffering from tension headaches, feeling energetic, more attractive and flow in your day to day life.

Some clients have said to me that the reason why they’re wanting to stop is because their partner is making them.  This isn’t a great reason.  You need to be the one making the decision, not your partner nor anyone else. It also needs to be more than simply saving money.

Finding Alternatives – When we exchange the smoking habit for some other healthier activity the rate of re-occurrence long term will be much lower.

Quitting smoking and making the commitment to take a brisk twenty minute walk every day as a method to reduce stress will help take you from one end of the health spectrum to the other, whilst also providing a useful and far more beneficial way of substituting the former habit.

Why should I see you?

I am a former smoker myself and I have the associated understanding that comes with this. I know what it’s like to be stuck in the rut of smoking, and of having that hopeless feeling that comes with an inability to stop doing it.

I have been helping people quit smoking for more than 9 years.  I am trained by Victoria’s only government recognised hypnotherapy training institute (The Academy of Hypnotic Science).