Some More Slightly Odd Quit Smoking Tips

Quit Smoking Suggestions

Don’t Tell Anyone That You’re Seeing a Hypnotherapist

If you’re coming to see me, I’d generally suggest that you keep it quiet. The whole process of quitting smoking is much easier without the line of questioning (the whole did he make you act like a chick meme). Obviously after some time, or if people insist by asking a heap of questions at how you’ve quit, tell them.

Don’t Tell Anyone That You’re Quitting

There are two other things I generally recommend when people are wanting to stop smoking. The first is after setting a date, avoid telling people that your intention is to quit. In the past it was thought that you would increase your chances of successfully quitting by telling people because you’d supposedly be accountable to that and thus, feel more compelled to stop. Research indicates the opposite is true, that by telling people, you actually increase the level of pressure to do so, and when new non-smokers feel pressure, they’re more likely to fall back into the former smoking patterns. Also, you don’t lose any motivation to stop by telling the world that you’re quitting. If you keep the decision a private one, your motivation remains at the same level since you don’t feel better about yourself by verbalising a near sighted future change. The whole quitting process is far easier when you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.


Immediately in the days following quitting smoking, increase your level of sugar consumed. And I mean the healthy variety – sugar found in fresh fruits and juices. The brain requires more sugar during this adjustment period due the increased levels of oxygen it now has to process. This explains why many people put on weight after stopping, the brain in this environment can crave this excess level of sugar. By increasing the consumption of fruits and juices you avoid this scenario, and these cravings.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking Today

  • You’ll save $28,000 over 5 years if you stop smoking starting now.*
  • You’ll immediately feel better about yourself, your health & your future.
  • You’ll be able to focus on other things such as your fitness, your budget & your life.
  • Plus many more.  For more information regarding the program itself click here.