Hypnosis to Stop Loving Someone

Hypnosis to Stop Loving Someone

Michael Pattinson | May 2018 | Views 4332

Hypnotherapy Breakup

Falling In Love 101

Falling in love can be an incredible experience. The person you love becomes one of the most important people of your life. You can’t imagine doing anything without them, and you spend a lot of time thinking about them (when you aren’t already together).

Then, suddenly, it turns out that the object of your affections doesn’t feel the same way. Perhaps you discover infidelity, or maybe you just end up unceremoniously dumped.

When The Relationship Ends

When a relationship with someone you love ends, it can cause emotional devastation. You may find yourself feeling haunted by the past. Everything in life, from your favorite foods to certain smells or places may remind you of your lost love. That can make it difficult, if not impossible, to move on with your life. You may find yourself wishing, “if only I could stop thinking about him/her”.

The negative emotions of a breakup are as strong, if not stronger, than the happy emotions of falling in love. Depression, anger, anxiety and even reduced self-worth are all common emotional responses to a serious breakup. Left unchecked, these negative feelings can impact every aspect of your life, from your other close relationships to your career and health (1). Most people take a few days to grieve and then begin the process of moving on.

The truth is that nothing will stop you from remembering your ex or the relationship, but you could reduce the frequency of these intrusive thoughts or learn to reduce your emotional response to them as they arise. There are also treatments that can help you decrease the intensity of your attachment to your ex (2).  

Hypnotherapy may be able to help you do exactly that. While there is no magic cure for heartbreak and no medically proven way to forget a relationship (despite the premise of a popular film), it is possible to help train your brain to move on from a lost love.

Hypnosis for Break Up Pain

Hypnosis is a process that can help you guide your subconscious mind toward patterns and thoughts that benefit you. People have historically turned to hypnotherapy for issues like weight loss, smoking cessation, overcoming negative self-talk, nail biting and even insomnia. Fewer people realize that hypnosis can also help with handling the emotional fallout of a breakup.

What Does Break Up Hypnotherapy Involve?

Usually, hypnosis sessions start with guided relaxation. These techniques can include breathing exercises, guided meditation and visualization techniques. The goal is to help the patient move into a calm, trace-like mental state. In this way, patients become more susceptible to the power of suggestion.

Hypnosis can leave patients in a better state where they are better able to process the break up emotions. Hypnosis can make it easier for your mind to acknowledge and release complex thoughts instead of producing pain, longing and grief when something makes you think of your past relationship.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Studies do show that hypnosis does work (3), provided that the patient can properly relax. In order to successfully conquer your lingering attachment to your previous relationship, you need to trust the hypnotherapist that you work with. Finding a professional with adequate experience and credentials is key.

Break Up Hypnotherapy Sessions

A professional hypnotherapist with the right experience can help you overcome the negative thoughts and emotional pain from your painful breakup. Some people experience significant improvement with only one session. Others may need additional sessions to fully overcome their unhealthy attachment to the past.

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