Are You Ready to Stop Smoking?

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is a powerful tool and aid in helping someone cross that line once and for all and quit smoking permanently. However there are a few important considerations that should be considered before you look at quitting. These considerations should help you evaluate whether now is the right time. It is true that there perhaps is never a right time, but I’m a firm believer that there is certainly a preferred environment that helps the process along too. And being as consciously ready as you can be only increases your long term chances of success.

Are your home and work environments stable?

Oddly I’ve seen lots of people who are going through a relationship breakdown or family crisis that want to stop. Regardless of whether hypnosis is utilized or not,  success is limited with these individuals. I advise people that if they’re going through any sort of relationship or family crisis to seek counseling first before they seek to quit.

Equally if you hate your job or are under any sort of significant stress, its best that you seek to remedy the situation to lower stress levels before you attempt to cease smoking. Hypnosis can help with that.

Do you ‘have to’ change? Do you ‘need to’ change? Or do you WANT to change?

There is certainly a successful correlation between those that want to change as opposed to ‘needing to’ quit or ‘having to’ quit and finally stopping. The ideal answer would include all three of course with a more primary emphasis on wanting to quit. “I want to quit because my life will be better” et cetera.

Is this your decision to stop or someone else’s?

Consider beforehand whether you’re solely driving this decision or whether the decision is being driven by someone else. For the attempt to be successful long term, I believe the person must want to quit for his or her own reasons and not because they feel compelled to through fear of losing a relationship or job.

Understanding possible sacrifices.

For most people they don’t have to sacrifice anything long term to be a non smoker, that they realize that life is better in every way healthy. However it must be accepted that other things might have to be sacrificed in the short term. A good example is drinking alcohol. A student can’t really go out and get intoxicated five times a week and expect to hold it together in the week they cease smoking cigarettes with or without the help of hypnotherapy. A period of abstinence from drinking alcohol, or the addition of hypnosis for drinking prior to stopping cigarettes would be of benefit. A good little exercise is writing down the typical moments in which you smoke more and to ask yourself whether you’re able to sacrifice those moments for a period of time. Good examples include a brief cessation of dinners with smoking and drinking friends, night clubbing, cricket club environments et cetera.


Most people say that they will exercise after stopping smoking, that they will get fit again and improve their body’s abilities. It’s obviously a good idea, but I recommend that you get back into fitness before you quit. Everything is harder smoking but the truth is, you’ll get in touch with your body, you’ll notice how much it needs you to stop, and it will motivate you further, ramping up your own personal desire to cease cigarettes and taking it to a higher level.

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