One Powerful Stress Release Technique

Emotions can be felt consciously. We know when we are angry, sad, annoyed, frustrated etc. But often, it’s not these emotions that are the cause of unwanted behaviours.  It’s the emotions that have been suppressed unconsciously over the years and have been stored inside the body that are the things that yearn for these behaviours.

One simple way of releasing these emotions is the following stress release technique.  It is extremely simple but highly effective.  So simple that some may think it won’t work.  It is ideal for situations where you might be craving for comfort food, or cigarettes and are wanting to stop smoking.  It is also ideal for when you can physically feel tightness or a level of stress inside the body.  It is also handy for unwanted thoughts.

The first step is locating in the body the stress, tightness or emotional heaviness.  It can usually be found in the chest or stomach. The more you can feel a presence, the more you’ll benefit from this technique.  So with an awareness of this feeling, you can ask yourself a series of questions.  The answers are not important but an awareness of the feeling is and the guiding questions are.

The questions are:

“Could I embrace this feeling”
“Could I let it go?”
“Would I let it go?
“If yes, when would I let it go?

Simply repeat the series of questions at least 10 times or until the feeling has gone.  You should notice an immediate benefit within a few minutes of doing the meditation.

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