What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Hypnosis feels like a deep day dream or for those that meditate, a deep meditation. Most remark after being hypnotised for the first time that the process was deeply relaxing and pleasant.  In the first session many people are completely aware throughout the process, they still think for themselves and are able to think about other things – this of course is normal.  In later sessions people get better at being hypnotised, and thus typically drift into a deeper state.

Can I be hypnotised?

Key studies indicate that nine out of ten people are suggestible with one of those ten being highly suggestible[i].   For hypnosis to be successful the individual must want to be hypnotised.  I have never successfully hypnotised someone who didn’t want to be hypnotised.  The unconscious mind will not take on board suggestions the conscious mind is not open to receiving.

Should everyone be hypnotised?

Hypnotherapy is extremely safe.  However there are several medical and mental conditions that are contraindications to hypnosis.  People suffering from epilepsy and psychotic disorders are good examples. Please see your doctor if in any doubt.  I will not hypnotise anyone who is under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Please be aware that I may need a referral from your GP before any hypnosis takes place.

Should I tell people I am looking to change a habit?

If the issue you’re looking at attending with is in relation to a habit such as smoking or drinking I generally recommend that you do not tell people that a) you’re looking to stop/reduce the habit, and b) you’re seeing a hypnotherapist.

The reason why I ask you to keep it to yourself is because when you tell people that you are looking to stop smoking or losing weight as examples, it simply increases levels of pressure and stress.  When we feel a heightened state of pressure and stress to perform, we can, more easily, fall back into older patterns of behaviour.  Keep it to yourself and you will find the process much easier[ii]. The reason why I say avoid telling people you are seeing me is because you can do without all of the questions that usually follow when you tell people that you’ve been to a hypnotherapist.  “Did he make you act like a chicken?” etc.

What should I expect in the first session?

First up we’ll have a chat about your goals with respect to why you’re seeing me, I’ll take a case history, and more than likely, a hypnosis session will take place.  This is the format for most clients.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call.  If you are wanting to go ahead and book an appointment, click on the top left link inviting you to book online.  These links give you access to other important booking information and my online appointment diary allowing you to see what’s available to book a time accordingly.


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